The Michigan Promotional Professionals Association has prospered and nurtured the growth of the promotional products industry throughout the state, the region and the nation. This success is possible because of the selfless and tireless efforts and dedication of individual volunteers who have shared their enthusiasm, professionalism, time, knowledge, vision and efforts to advance their industry and their association. The Michigan Promotional Professionals Association would like to give these individuals permanent recognition through induction into the MiPPA Hall of Fame.

Eligibility and Deadlines: To be eligible for our highest honor, a candidate shall have made significant contributions to the membership of MiPPA, the promotional products industry and their community. The candidates may be living or deceased. Candidates must have been a member of MiPPA for a minimum of five (5) years as defined by the MiPPA bylaws. Current MiPPA Board of Directors are not eligible. Candidates must have been off the board for a minimum of two years to be considered.

Nominations open on June 1, 2023 and close on September 1, 2023. Inductees will be announced and honored at the MiPPA Annual Meeting and Dinner.

Nomination Procedure and Election:

Nominations for Hall of Fame shall be by Association membership. All current MiPPA members are eligible to submit a nomination. Nomination forms are collected by the Executive Director who will forward eligible nominations to the MiPPA Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will select and notify the President of the Association and the Executive Director of their selection. Nominees who are not selected will automatically be reconsidered the following year. If not inducted the second year, candidates will need to be nominated again before being reconsidered.

MiPPA Hall of Fame Members

2009 - Kenneth R. Kelsey MAS, Alvin H. Elwood, Sr and Howard J. Steinmetz MAS; 2010 - Paul A. Kiewiet MAS+; 2012 Donna Hall; 2013 - Allen Bates MAS;                      2017- LaDonna Belcher; 2018 - Jim Thomson MAS; 2019 - David DeWitt and Paul Gualtieri MAS; 2020 - Mary Jo Tomasini MAS+; 2021 John Andersen MAS;                        2022 Paul Zafarana MAS and Jane Mitchell MAS

Nominations must be returned by September 1, 2023 to Paul A Kiewiet MAS+, Executive Director MiPPA

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