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MiPPA will be the premier association to serve the needs of promotional marketing professionals.


MiPPA is dedicated to providing fun experiences and educational exchanges for suppliers and distributors to help build promotional professionals and increase industry awareness.


John Bates - Immediate Past President

Executive Committee Marketing (Social Media, Communications)

Polyconcept North America (Supplier)


Term ending 12/31/17

"We are all very fortunate to call promotional products our career. I want to be a part of building a resource for the professionals in our region to network, grow their business, and most importantly, have fun."


  1. Married my high school sweetheart.
  2. Was once ranked #1 in the state for the 100 yard dash
  3. I am an only child
  4. I used to have a mullet

Paul Zafarana CAS – President

Executive Committee Governance

Pica Marketing Group (Distributor)


Term ending 12/31/17

"Why I like MiPPA…what’s not to love…you get to hang out and share ideas with some top notch folks who share the same passion and drive for an industry you love.  I wake up every day looking forward to going to work, who else can say that?  Do what you love and the money will follow."


  1. I have award winning Chili
  2. I paid my way through college shooting darts
  3. I still collect Hotwheels cars
  4. I love playing practical jokes

Sarah Merrill

Ideas in Bloom and Promotions That ROAR! Chair

Mercury Promotions and Fulfillment (Distributor)


Term ending 12/31/17

"Becoming a board member of MiPPA was the perfect opportunity for me to become more involved in the industry I love so much. It’s a wonderful way to learn while giving back. It’s not very often in life that you get the chance to work & play with people who share the same passions."


  1. My favorite movie is Cool Running’s.
  2. I was a professional/artistic roller skater for 6 years. Placed 3rd in the Country at Nationals.
  3. I dream of being a Blue Angel. 
  4. I subscribe to just about every magazine you can think of & I can spend countless hours reading them.

Marci Schwartz Taran - Secretary

Executive Committee TOM Show Chair Professional Development / Education

The Bradley Company (Distributor)


​Term ending 12/31/18

"I am proud to be part of such a fabulous organization that is focused on the bigger picture of our industry and about supporting those within the industry. I believe it is about supporting the present and strategically preparing for the future by education, innovation and collaboration. Being part of MiPPA is a way for me to grow and help foster growth for this industry."


  1. I graduated from Michigan State University and bleed green!
  2. Traveled through Europe at the age of 16
  3. I grew up in the Promotional Products industry as my dad has been a distributor for about 40 years
  4. Became a CEO at the age of 27.

Jane Mitchell CAS – President Elect

Executive Committee Advocacy /Governance Lansing LEAD Program

Jungle Jane Promotions (Distributor)


Term ending 12/31/17

"I hope to help MIPPA grow and show other distributors the importance of belonging to their local association. I also enjoyed travel to Washington DC to educate the Congressman and Senators about the important roll Promotional Products can play in all walks of life."


  1. Black Belt, Taekwondo
  2. Hair stylist for 38 years and ran my own salon for 15 years.
  3. Love to bike ride as often as possible. Longest ride was 65 miles.
  4. Visited 44 states camping most of the time in a pop up with my husband and 2 kids & just bought a 5th
  5. wheel and Truck and plan to spend time with the grand kids this summer

Valerie Hayman Sklar CAS

RAC Delegate Membership Chair

Corporate Specialties LLC (Distributor)


Term ending 12/31/17

"I became involved with Mippa when I went to Washington DC for PPAI's LEAD program and wanted to get more involved on a local level.  It is has been a great pleasure to be part of a growing regional association and meeting members."


  1. I was a clown in Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  2. I love to ride my bicycle around downtown Detroit
  3. I will drive far distances for great BBQ
  4. I met Julia Child and Jacques Pepin while at Boston University.

Paul A. Kiewiet MAS - Executive Director




"I believe this can be the golden age of promotional products for professionals who wish to grow, to learn how to create value and how to be more relevant to the needs of their customers. I like the way that MiPPA provides the tools for people to do that successfully."


  1. I've visited six of the seven continents (Anarctica remains on my bucket list)
  2. I've completed 20 - marathons - all 26.2 miles of each of them
  3. I've summited Mt Kilimanajaro, the highest peak in Africa at 19,300' above sea level
  4. My first job was feeding and catching chickens.

Patrick Kelleher

Community Outreach Chair Advocacy / Governance Committee

Headfirst Printing (Supplier)  


​Term ending 12/31/18


  1. I'm a published Poet
  2. I have a cat named Sinatra
  3. Got married in a guerrilla wedding ceremony on the river walk in Detroit
  4. I'm the other guy that bought a Microsoft Zune

Jim McCollough

Events/Member Engagement Chair Ideas in Bloom and Promotions That ROAR! Committee

Edwards Garment (Supplier)


​Term ending 12/31/18


  1. Been married 30 years
  2. I am an avid reader and movie buff!
  3. I used to have a full head of hair
  4. I was a Certified Financial Planner prior to getting into this industry over 25 years ago.

Lisa Bascom – Treasurer

Executive Committee

Amerifoam® - The House of Foam (Supplier)


​Term ending 12/31/18

“I am very passionate about my employees, my community, and this amazing Regional Group. I am honored to be on the MiPPA Board of Directors. It is very exciting to be a part of such a thriving industry. It is my personal goal to make a difference.”


  1. I am a *HUGE* NASCAR fan
  2. I served on the Executive Board of Directors of the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce for 6 years
  3.  I graduated from Western Michigan University – proud to be a Bronco
  4. They call me Michigan International Speedways’ own Lisa Bascom, when I sing the anthems at the track

Tim English

SBS Brands (Distributor)


​Term ending 12/31/18

“From the conversations I have had with many of our customers, and the great amount of time I have spent talking with our sales team and entire Superior family, I know that the work we do matters to the lives of our customers. Our work in the promotional industry has purpose and MiPPA helps us all define it and do our job better. That’s why I look forward to working with the MIPPA board and giving back!


  1. If I am not working I would rather be out on the water usually Lake Michigan, or out west downhill skiing.
  2. The career I feel I have missed out on is CIA/NSA…just ask my kids I tell them all the time, that’s why I know what they are up to.
  3. The last couple of years I have spent a lot of time starting to do my home improvements, and I still have all my fingers! It's all about YouTube and the correct tools (preferably power tools).
  4. My favorite movie about sales (and one of my top movies) Tommy Boy.


    Service on the board of directors of MiPPA provides you with high profile leadership opportunities as well as the ability to shape the future of this organization.  

    Service is a two year commitment beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.  The board and newly elected members meet in November for a full day strategic planning meeting.  Board meetings take place about nine or ten months of the year, usually in a metro Detroit location.  When there are major association events, the meetings are scheduled to coincide with them.  Some meetings may take place via conference call or web conference.

    Directors may run for a consecutive two year term. The President serves one additional year as Immediate Past President. 

    By serving on the board, you will make life long friendships, meet the leaders and visionaries in the industry and get a much higher level perspective on the industry.  You will also be exposed to opportunities to interact and engage on the national level through our affiliation with PPAI and the Regional Association Council (RAC).

    The people and skills that we are looking for are visionary, strategic, big-picture thinkers. Directors will also be needed to serve as officers including Treasurer, Secretary, President-Elect and President.

    Elections are held in October as voted by the general membership. We seek to have a good balance of supplier, multiline rep and distributors serving on the board although each director is charged to serve the best interests of the entire industry and membership.

    If you would like to serve, please download and complete the nomination form.

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